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My Milton Experience

Omagh, Milton has been home since the early 90s and like many of my neighbours, I have first-hand experience on the dramatic changes we are seeing in our community, especially in the last 5-10 years.

Urban growth brings much needed diversity, breadth of business and revenue. This is both positive and necessary for Milton.  However, we are at a key moment in time where our decisions could forever change the essence and trajectory of Milton forever.


I am very interested in environmental issues and want to further Town Council efforts to address climate change and protect the natural environment, as a fundamental part of its growth plans.


With your support, I hope to bring a stronger, environmentally sustainable mindset to Town Council decisions on sustainable growth and protection of our green space, wetlands and farmlands. This is especially true on key issues such as: CN Intramodal, Highway 413, public transit and control/limits on expanding our urban boundaries.

I hope to help bring a new vision of urban growth to the Town of Milton, for the benefit of future generations so that they too can enjoy what I have been fortunate to have experienced here in Milton for over 25 years.


Manju Sekhri

Advocate for

Milton Ward 3


Dedicated citizen and Milton resident for over 25 years.

Advocating for Milton Ward 3 to help guide and give back to a community I consider home.



Dr. K. L. Chung

Board Chair and Lead Physician

Prime Care Family Health Team

Clinical Lecturer, DFCM, University of Toronto

Investigating Coroner, North Halton

Professional Engineer

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I offer a character reference for Manju Sekhri.  Coincidentally, she is the newest addition to the Board of Directors of the Prime Care Family Health Team in Milton, of which I have been the Board Chair for more than a decade.

As her family physician for more than 30 years, I have shared many of her family's milestones and got to know Manju not only as her doctor but as her friend.  She has a wide range of knowledge and is an excellent communicator, extremely approachable and friendly.  I invited her to join our Board because of her solid reputation as a businesswoman and her excellent operational management skills.  It is no surprise that she has quickly become VP of Operations and Client Services at TierOne OSS Technologies, a Canadian Software Company.

Her education and work experience are impressive and even more so when combined with her desire to positively impact her community as both a fundraiser and dedicated volunteer. I am glad to hear that she is running for Council for the Town of Milton in 2022. I believe that, if elected, she will prove herself to be a valuable asset for our community.

Paul Vedam

Politicians have never been great on truth, but lately truth has taken a very hard turn for the worse with so much misinformation surrounding us.

Manju's core has a strong foundation of what is right and wrong. She is also one of the most hard-working, honest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can trust her to dig into the details and figure out what should be done for the good of

TierOne on any initiative I have assigned to her.

Today’s political games will certainly challenge her, but I know she will not deviate from what is right versus wrong and that is very hard to find these days.

So I would absolutely trust her to do the right thing for all that matters in her community.

President & CEO

TierOne OSS Technologies

Kim Bradshaw

Manju is a force! That was my first impression when she joined Sustainable Milton and immediately took on a significant piece of work.

She jumped right in, sorted the priorities and made it happen. She works collaboratively, with an open mind, but never loses sight of the goal. She is efficient, effective, and doesn’t tolerate ulterior motives. 
 We need her in our local government.  She would be an exemplary steward of Milton’s collective best interests.

Government Engagement Team Lead

Sustainable Milton

Bill King

Manju is an avid Pickleball player and has served on the MPA Board of Directors since the Fall of 2020. Manju is an integral part of the team that is responsible for facilitating discussions and interactions with Town of Milton staff in the promotion of pickleball and in support of Association members. 

Manju brings business savvy, energy, and enthusiasm to the Board in the initiatives for which she is involved. The growth of pickleball in Milton needs to include younger participants and as she represents a younger demographic on the Board, her involvement in business items will ensure their interests are included. 

If elected as Town Councillor, I know she will bring this passion to promoting the interests of her constituents and in supporting the ever-growing interests of pickleball and other sports in our community.

 - Prepared and presented by the Board of Directors.


Milton Pickleball Association

Julie Girodat

I have known Manju Sekhri and her family since 2014 – I am a close friend, neighbour and colleague.  I am honoured by this opportunity to share my personal and professional experiences of Manju Sekhri with the residents of the Town of Milton.

I am a lifelong resident of Milton, a member of a local family farm and the owner of my own small hobby farm.  I am a constant advocate for sustainable living in our small community of Omagh.  Manju and I share this same passion for our community and sustainable living so it came as no surprise to me when she told me that she wanted to extend her passions within our community and run for Council for the Town of Milton.

Together, Manju and I volunteered with Sustainable Milton as members of the Green Goals committee.   As her friend, I had always known that Manju was a savvy businesswoman.  But we developed a working relationship through Sustainable Milton and it was through that I witnessed firsthand Manju’s exceptional leadership skills and business acumen.  As I later started to develop my own personal small business, I consulted Manju for her guidance and input in the development of my business plan and strategy.  She took a thoughtful, skilled, and mindful approach to understand my needs and the markets I am serving.

It is because of these experiences with Manju that I can say with full confidence that if she was elected as Town Councillor, she would serve the community of Milton with compassion, understanding and skill.  I am so encouraged that she is considering running for office and, if elected, I have no doubt that you will witness the value that she can bring to our flourishing community. 

ForEVA Strategies Inc.

Forever-a-farmgirl Inc.

Kirsten Pelchat

It has been a pleasure getting to know Manju and her family since 2014.

Since launching our environmentally-focussed family business Elva's All Naturals in 2019, Manju and her family have remained loyal supporters and friends.

Manju has always been an active and loyal member of our Milton community, and an avid supporter of the arts as well as environmental causes. Her involvement, support and leadership in numerous community initiatives has been an inspiration to many! It is wonderful to know that we have like-minded people in our community like Manju that care so much for people and our planet.

I am so pleased that Manju is running for Town Council.  I know she will bring that same care, strength of character and loyalty if she gets an opportunity to represent her constituents on Council matters.


Elva's All Naturals

Matt Kawamoto

I met Manju two years ago through pickleball. I love to run her around the court and it amazes me how fast she learns and how much she's improved. Considering her work hours, I'm glad she still makes time for pickleball and tournaments.

Since then, I've gotten to know her and her family and we've become good friends. Manju is a smart, hard-working, caring person and gives her all no matter what she's doing.  When my mom had surgery, she brought our family dinner and I've known her to do that with other friends who have been in tough situations.

I know Manju would be a great addition to any organization.  If elected as Town Councillor in 2022, I know her dedication, enthusiasm and empathy makes her ideal to represent and fight for her constituents.


Farah Saleem

I have known Manju for several years now and she is one of the best people I know! She’s caring, kind, smart and so much more which is why I believe she is the best candidate for Town Council.


There is absolutely no one who could do a better job than her! Without a doubt I will be voting for her!

Hair by Fefe

Janet Duval

We're thrilled that one of our key supporters Manju Sekhri has decided to run for Milton Town Council this fall. She made a smart, eloquent presentation as a delegate to Regional Council in February, and helped drum up support as a member of our Community Engagement team.

"I hope to bring a stronger mindset to Town Council decisions on sustainable growth and protection of our green space, wetlands and farmlands" says Manju. That includes CN Intramodal, Highway 413, public transit and limits on urban boundaries.

We think she'll make a terrific Councillor.

Stop Sprawl Halton

Deb Finesilver

I have known Manju since April 1996.  She has been my most valued friend and colleague throughout these many years and will continue to be as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.   Back in 2000, Manju worked with me at Budd Consulting Group (BCG) and IRGMA – a non-profit Independent Retail Gasoline Marketers Association who interfaced with the Canadian Government, Conference Board of Canada and all retail gasoline independent owners in Canada.   She was hired to become the voice, face and facilitator in Ottawa to help maintain competitive pricing and Canadian ownership for the independent gasoline owners, who otherwise would not have a say.


This was a start-up position that she took on with excitement and no background in the oil industry, but her drive and thirst for knowledge guided her to become a household name in the oil industry – she did radio & TV interviews, panel discussions, ran meetings with the independents and helped make a difference.  By the end of her time with IRGMA in 2003, she successfully moved onto bigger and better things.  IRGMA (now called SIGMA) is still running to this day!


I trust Manju beyond her beliefs, always proud of the way she shares her love of family, sports and now most of all her deep belief in making her town of Milton a cleaner, better place to live.  I honestly believe she will guide and elevate Milton to a place for everyone to call home and be proud to live in. I know Milton needs a person like Manju to push the community onto bigger and better things, you will always get more than 100% of her attention and most of all her passion and awareness of how the future of Milton is dependent on a person like Manju. 

Vice President


Jerome Scott

President & CEO

QED Software

I have worked and played with Manju and family for almost 30 years. 


Manju is highly entertaining to spend time with and is great at bringing people together and acting as a sticky social glue.


I have also seen this in action in her professional life as we have worked together on several complex IT projects over the years. In very challenging environments Manju was always calm, forensic on detail and able to bring often competing agendas together.


This combination of professional rigor, problem solving and social empathy is a huge asset to the Milton community, and if I lived there I would be voting Sekhri!

Right Honourable Dan McTeague

Member of Parliament 1993-2011

Founder, gaswizard.ca

As a new resident of Milton I am delighted that Manju Sekhri is running to be Milton Ward 3 Town Councillor.


In my many years as MP in Ottawa, I have come to learn first hand her dedication to people, issues and her community. Indeed it was thanks to her tireless work and effort that I continue today to be able to save every driver money through the ever popular gas price predictions for all Canadians, which she helped pioneer.


Needless to say I will be knocking on doors with her in the lead up to the October 24th election, confident in the expectation that such a talented and devoted person with deep roots in our community will soon represent the best that Milton can be in its greater days ahead.


Let’s get out and vote for our friend and deserving candidate, Manju Sekhri.